A new home for Christmas

Local housing provider Grand Union Housing Group (GUHG) is pleased to be handing over the keys to its 2,000th home to a family of four, just in time for Christmas.

Philip and Zoe Wearmouth and their two sons are moving out of their small first floor apartment in Milton Keynes into a spacious two-bedroomed shared ownership house in the village of Cranfield, Bedfordshire.

Aerospace engineer Philip said: “We were becoming a bit short on space with our two growing boys, but we just couldn’t find anything in the right location at the right price; then we found this.

“It’s the nicest house we’ve seen and it feels so private. We’re really excited to have a garden that the boys can play in too.”

Zoe added: “The house has two double bedrooms which means the boys will have plenty of room to sleep at one end of their bedroom and play at the other.

“We’ve got two parking spaces right outside the house which will be much more convenient; no more stairs to manage with children and shopping bags!

“We can’t wait to move in and get settled. It’s the best Christmas present ever!”

Aileen Evans, GUHG’s Chief Executive, said: “Shared ownership is a great way for people to get on the housing ladder. With house prises continuing to rise, more and more people are struggling to afford to buy their own home or even rent privately.

“The Wearmouths’ new home is the 2,000th property that we’ve delivered since GUHG was formed in 2008.

“We plan to deliver 1,800 more homes for rent (including affordable, social and market), shared ownership and market sale over the next five years, doubling our home building programme and helping as many families as possible have access to well built, affordable homes.”