A thank you to our communities

Since the lockdown began in the UK, we’ve wanted to keep in touch with our older customers to check in and make sure they’re ok and have everything they need.

We’ve called almost 1,900 customers over 70 and our team has highlighted how many lovely communities there are out there, where elderly people are being supported by neighbours and friends.

This is fantastic, so a big thank you from all of us at Grand Union!

This community spirit and support has also allowed us to focus on those who may need us more than normal.

For the customers in need of higher levels of/essential support, our Tenancy Support team has been working with them, having weekly follow up calls and putting additional support in place, such as an immediate response food parcel, referrals to our welfare benefits and money advice services, lifeline alarm referrals and even safeguarding referrals – all of which have been responded to by the local authority.

We’ve also scheduled follow up calls for those who need a little more support, and then catch up calls for everyone else.

It’s so important that we remain in touch during this time, especially with customers who may live alone. So don’t forget to call your friends and family regularly as some of them may be feeling isolated.

Finally, thank you to the customers we’ve have been speaking to who have given us lovely feedback and gratitude – it really does make us proud of the work out teams are doing.

Stay safe.