Listening to you

We know how important it is to listen to you and act on what you say. 

We’ve been working hard to better understand you and actively listen to your feedback.

Rant&Rave is a text message and email platform that allows you to provide feedback on our service. You’ve given us a satisfaction score of 4/5 via this. In September 2022, we launched Voice, our customer feedback platform. Voice is totally anonymous and lets you give honest thoughts and opinions via polls, discussions and surveys.

670 of you had signed up to Voice by the end of March

Between its launch on 5 September 2022 and 31 March 2023, members took part in:


Surveys with 41.5% average response rate





By taking part in surveys on Voice, you can help shape and improve our services

Using your feedback to improve

We’ve used the feedback you gave on Voice to improve our services. Here is a selection from the last year.

Keeping you informed

We try to keep you informed in lots of ways:

  • Our website contains lots of useful information about the services we provide and support we offer. We update the web pages regularly, as well as share our latest news. We’re currently reviewing our website to make it more accessible and easier to understand.
  • We have a Facebook page where we publish news and useful information about our services. We used Voice to ask you about social media, to help us shape future content. You can follow us here
  • We send out regular customer newsletters by email. These include the latest news from our website, and other relevant information that may impact you. To make sure you receive this, please let us know if you change your email address.
  • MyGUHG is our customer portal that is available 24/7. It provides you with easy and secure access to your account, as well as self-service options. You can use it to pay your rent, check your rent statement, request repairs and check their progress. Find out more here.
  • Voice is our anonymous customer feedback platform. You can take part in polls, surveys, discussions and be completely honest about how you feel about us. You can get involved as much or as little as you like, and when it’s convenient for you. We also use Voice to tell you key news and information. If you’ve not signed up yet, you can do so here.

Courtesy and complaints


Treats me fairly and with respect

We understand how important it is to provide you with a consistent, quality and respectful service. We’re investing in training for colleagues to help us achieve this.

We are also reviewing our services. This is to make sure that we consider individual needs.


Approach to complaints handling

We always try to get things right but know that sometimes we can get it wrong. We value your feedback as we use it to improve our services. We have a dedicated Complaint Resolutions team who take a positive approach to handling complaints. To help us improve, we’re introducing a new system that will link all our customer information. This will enable us to be more efficient and transparent. We are also reviewing our approach to how we contact you to discuss your complaints.

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