Our TSM scores

The Regulator of Social Housing makes sure all housing associations like Grand Union are run well.

They have proposed some new measures for landlords like us to follow. They are called Tenant Satisfaction Measures, or TSMs for short. They help to make sure we are delivering quality homes and a good customer service.

Every year we will collect feedback from customers about how we’re doing and then publish the results.

The TSMs are important to us because you give us an honest and true picture of the service you receive from us. We can then use this information to improve what we do and how we do it.

To make sure we heard from as many of you as possible, we ran the survey in three different ways:

Voice, our anonymous feedback platform



We had a great response this year, with 1,356 of you taking part. Here are the 12 questions we asked, with their scores:


Overall satisfaction


Satisfaction with
repairs service


Time taken to complete your repair


Provides a home that is well maintained


Provides a home
that is safe


Listens to your views and acts upon them


Keeps you informed


Treats me fairly
and with respect


Approach to
complaints handling


Keeps communal areas clean/maintained


Makes a positive contribution to your neighbourhood


Approach to handling antisocial behaviour

Because the questions are based on your experience over the past year, not all questions were asked to all respondents. For example, if you didn’t raise a repair during the last year, you weren’t asked about your satisfaction with our repairs service.

We can see that we have work to do to improve the levels of overall satisfaction.

Throughout this report we’ve included the work we’re doing, and planning to do, to improve things.

You can find more details about TSMs on the government website.

Have a look at some other facts and figures from the year:

Repairs and maintenance

Keeping you safe

Listening to you

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