We’re committed to becoming a more sustainable business
and know that we have a responsibility to make a positive
impact on the environment, as well as our customers,
colleagues and partners.

Making homes more efficient

We have a plan to help us achieve carbon net zero by 2050 – this means achieving a balance between the carbon released into the atmosphere and the carbon removed from it. We’re on track to achieve this by 2030.


energy performance (EPC) surveys undertaken in the year


homes benefitted from new, higher performing insultaion

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) show how energy efficient a home is. A is the best rating and G is the worst. The average home in the UK has an EPC D rating. We’re working towards making sure all our homes have a minimum EPC C rating.

Last year 97.1% of the news home we built had a B rating, with only 2.9% a C rating.

We’re also continuing our retrofit work (fitting new systems designed to be energy efficient to buildings previously built without them) as well as energy efficient heating installations to over 900 homes in the coming year.

Earlier this year we were awarded grant funding under the Government’s Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF). Alongside Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) we were awarded over £2.2m to help improve the energy efficiency of our homes. This will see £1.2m going to Grand Union and just over £1m going to CBC. This funding will help us and CBC bring 374 lower performing homes up to EPC C rating, in line with Government targets.

We agreed to match the funding and have already identified 170 properties that will benefit from energy improvements over the next two years.

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