Strong governance and financial management have made Grand Union Housing Group a high-performing and respected organisation.

The Board and Executive Management Team continue to secure new opportunities for further expansion while also ensuring appropriate levels of investment in our existing homes and services to maintain strong customer satisfaction ratings.

We are renowned for the quality of our new developments and breadth of expertise including general needs homes, retirement schemes and specialist provision for those living in supported housing.

We’ve held a top rating for both our Governance and Financial Viability since the Regulator first brought them in, and in November 2021 our G1/V1 rating was again reconfirmed.

The Governance and Financial Viability assessments are carried out annually by the HCA on all housing associations across the country.

Our Annual report and financial statements

Every year we publish our Annual report and financial statements which looks at how we’ve performed during the financial year.

Our 2022/23 Annual report and financial statements are available to read here. Alternatively, if you would like a printed copy, please email

You can also find previous years Annual report and financial statements here.

Our pay gap reports

Each year we produce a gender pay gap report and an ethnicity pay gap report.

Our gender pay gap report looks at the difference in the average pay between all men and all women in a workforce. You can find this year's report as well as previous years here.

Our ethnicity pay gap report shows the difference in the average hourly rate of pay between PGM (People of the Global Majority) and non-PGM colleagues. You can find this year's report here.

Our ESG reports

Our Environmental, social and governance (ESG) reports showcases our work in terms of the specific themes outlined in the Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing. You can read the 2022/23 report here.