Alarm response service – change of call centre

On 1 May, Astraline began the transition to become our new 24/7 alarm response service provider, as a result of a successful tender. We are obliged to re-tender the services provided on our behalf to ensure all customers receive a high quality service and value for money.

Astraline is part of Johnnie Johnson Housing (a not for profit housing association) and has been providing our out of hours calls for repairs for the last six years. We have always received an excellent service.

As a result of this change, we have been reprogramming alarms to move from Tunstall Response direct to Astraline over the last few months.

What happens if I am still connected to Tunstall?

Most customers were switched over to Astraline by having their alarm remotely reprogrammed over the phone. For some customers however, this has not been possible.

In these circumstances we need to reprogram the alarm in the customer’s own home. This is a quick visit and will take no longer than 5-10 minutes. We can also use this opportunity to check any other devices you have attached to the alarm and replace anything, if necessary.

With the recent pandemic situation, reprogramming visits by staff were restricted as we needed to prioritise more urgent visits.

What do I need to do now?

If you are not sure whether you have already transferred to Astraline carry out a test call on your unit.  If you still go through to Tunstall Response you need to take the following action.

If you are comfortable to do this this over the phone, please call Astraline on 01625 786414 and they will talk you through a simple process to make the change.

If you would prefer a staff member to complete this in your home, please contact our Customer Services team on 0300 123 5544 to ask for an appointment.

Please note that all visits carried out will strictly adhere to the guidelines of social distancing.

Please be reassured your calls will still be answered by Tunstall until you switch over, but we need to now complete this transition as soon as possible and have all customers with one call centre.