Blog – “What we do matters”

By Richard Prewer, Head of Property Operations
Wednesday 14 April 2021

This time last year, the country was in full lockdown. Twelve months later, while still in lockdown, we’re starting to see light at the end of the tunnel as more and more restrictions are lifted.

Throughout all of this time, we’ve seen how small acts of kindness can make such a difference to people.

When I started my role last May, I was really impressed by what Grand Union was about – providing truly affordable stable homes and extra services for those that need them. The company’s values also resonated with me – we’re driven to do more, we’re in it together and we deliver on our promises.

I’m proud of all of the colleagues that live each of these values every day, working hard in customers’ homes, making a difference.

“At Grand Union, we say that ‘what we do matters’ and this small act of kindness is living proof of this.”

And it’s not just colleagues doing this – our contractors are doing the same every day, representing Grand Union.

And that’s where a fantastic example of being ‘driven to do more’ comes from. Aaron, a colleague from ARM – a window contractor working on behalf of Grand Union – was undertaking some works at a vulnerable customer’s home. Whilst there, they noticed that the customer, who was bedbound, needed to lay at an awkward angle to see their television.

Television has been a really important way to get through the past few months of lockdown for so many of us, and so Aaron saw an opportunity to do more and make a real difference.

After he’d finished his working day, he returned to the property in his own time and of his own volition, to install a new adjustable television bracket. This meant that the customer could now watch in much more comfort.

At Grand Union, we say that ‘what we do matters’ and this small act of kindness is living proof of this.

I like to think that not only are we a great organisation, but we’re also great partners to work with – giving credit where it’s due and acknowledging those who are helping us to make a real difference to our customers every day.

As more restrictions are lifted in the coming months, we’ll be able to visit more and more customers, hopefully enabling us to regularly go above and beyond, making a difference like Aaron did.