Letters from the NHS

Information for if you've received a letter from the NHS regarding coronavirus

A number of you may have received a letter from the NHS with important advice to keep you safe from coronavirus.

The letter has gone out to over 1.2million people who the NHS identified as being at risk of severe illness if they catch coronavirus.

A number of customers we’ve spoken to have received this but weren’t aware they needed to register themselves on the gov.uk website if they need support through their isolation period.

Registering allows you to access additional support services you may otherwise struggle with, such as food parcels, prescriptions and friendly phone calls. Additionally there are online toolkits you can access, with advice about managing your health condition.

So if you have received the letter, or care for someone who has received the letter, please register on the gov.uk website now if you need extra help and support.

In the interim period, local authority hubs can help with food and prescriptions until your registration is live on the Government database.

Don’t forget, you can also call us for help, advice and support on 0300 123 5544.