Development options – Survey feedback

We recently carried out a survey on options GUHG will consider providing in new build properties, should we have funds available.  We had 41 responses to this survey, with the results as follows:

  • Question 1 asked if you would prefer kitchen appliances (17 responses = 41.5%) or carpets to lounge / bedrooms & hall / landing (24 responses = 58.5%).
  • Question 2 asked if you would prefer grass in the back garden (18 responses = 43.9%) or an extended patio to back garden (23 responses = 56.1%).
  • Question 3 asked if you would prefer a built-in wardrobe to main bedroom (23 responses = 56.1%) or a garden shed (18 responses = 43.9%).
  • Question 4 asked if you would prefer a mains electric doorbell (13 responses = 31.7%) or extra tv points in bedrooms (28 responses = 68.3%).
  • Question 5 asked if you would prefer (in the bathroom) a shower screen rather than a shower curtain (22 responses = 53.7%) or a heated towel rail, rather than a radiator (19 responses = 46.3%)

While there were a clear preference for extra tv points in bedrooms rather than a mains electric doorbell, other questions had much closer results.

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback to this survey, we will bear the feedback in mind when we are planning new properties to build in the future and have funds available for any extras.

Keep an eye on the Customer Involvement section of my.guhg for more surveys!