Renting a garage

Anyone can apply to rent a garage but priority is given to GUHG tenants
Grand Union garages

Garage lettings

Please be aware that new garage applications have been suspended until further notice. Please check back here regularly for further updates.

Any applications currently being dealt with by our team will continue to progress.

Apply for a garage

Renting a garage rent costs and details.

Garage and hardstanding rents are reviewed each year and increase will take place on the first Monday in April each year.

Current garage and hardstanding rent charges

GUHG tenant

Non GUHG tenant

Garage Rent






Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to apply to rent a garage or hardstanding.

If garages are to be used for storage, you will be liable for the contents and should ensure that you have the necessary insurance protection cover as we will not be responsible for any damage to items stored.

The garage and hardstanding waiting list will be operated on a date of application basis. Additional preference will be given to current Group property tenants and to applicants in receipt of a disability benefit who require a garage so they can park close to their home. Where a tenant already has two garages, no further preference will be given to their application.

Garage rent must be paid by direct debit and we require an initial four week rent payment upon signing up for a garage

Reason we may refuse a garage application;

  • If arrears or other debt is owned on a current or former GUHG tenancy, applications will not be considered until the debt is cleared
  • The above will also apply regardless of whether the applicant is the property tenant OR a member of the tenant’s household e.g. tenant’s partner, son or daughter etc.
  • If there is any other potential breach of tenancy, for example, an anti-social behaviour (ASB) complaint recorded, a record of abuse towards our staff or making false statements in order to secure a tenancy.

Ending Your Garage Tenancy

If you would like to give up your garage you will need to give us notice.

Please refer to your original garage licence agreement for your start date and required notice period. If you have any questions regarding this please email

Download the termination of garage tenancy form

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