Stuart Knipe standing at computer desk

Focus on: Stuart Knipe

News – 8 June 2023 Grand Union is always looking at how we can use data and technology intelligently to provide the safest and best possible experience for our customers and ensure our colleagues can do their jobs efficiently and effectively. Stuart Knipe recently joined Grand Union as Systems Integration Manager, bringing with him a passion for change. A key area we are looking at is how customer data is used by colleagues and how to improve the customer’s experience. With 24 years’ experience Stuart really understands what service people expect and what our colleagues need. Stuart said “Systems integration doesn’t sound very important – it sounds very techy – but it’s really just about making it easier for everyone in the business to work with each other. It’s hard to do that if the systems don’t talk to each other and data that is inaccessible. “Our aim is to make it so that when a customer contacts us we are able to connect with their needs quicker by having all their information immediately to hand. Streamlining processes and creating one system, where we currently have many, will give our colleagues the confidence they have all the information required. This means they can spend more time focusing on helping people with their needs. Helping them to live better lives.” Understanding what our customers need is key, which is why Stuart has begun work on a project to bring in a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. “The main objective of the CRM project is being better connected with the customer, understanding their needs and having the right information easily accessible so their needs are met quickly.” “The project is going to be about getting a clear understanding of what customers need but also how well our current assets, processes and systems work. “Ideally for customers, they should be able to log on to a portal and find out everything they need to know and take action if needed. Grand Union has learnt from the extensive customer research that has done that 64% of our customers are satisfied with their MyGUHG experience in the last 12 months. We also know that customers are increasingly wanting to use the portal, the CRM will allow them to access their data and services with ease and at a pace that suits them. “One of the most important parts of my work will be looking at the quality of our data. We need to make sure this is up to date and accurate. That will then influence people’s days for the better. Meaning spending less time trying to verify phone numbers, email addresses or details on a property. The data will be more reliable and colleagues will be able to use it in a much more efficient manner.”   The projects Stuart is working on won’t just benefit customers, they will also improve things for colleagues. That is why Stuart is taking the time to get to know each area of the business. “I’ve been doing some shadowing with our Customer Contact team and have already identified ways we can make their lives easier. I will soon be asking to shadow different areas of the business, so I can see our systems in action and identify where we can make improvements. I am also working closely with my colleagues in the IT team to understand our current systems and identify the weaknesses these systems have.” “We need to understand where the current systems aren’t working as well as they should. We can then work to resolve these issues, making everyone’s workdays much more efficient and more about interacting with customers. From what I have seen so far, the ability to connect with customers and understand their needs is where Grand Union excels.” “I have found so many pockets of excellence, that just aren’t quite working together, and I believe that if Grand Union can bring everything together into a collaborative approach for customers, we will be market leading.”