Further response to planning consultations

Earlier this year, the Government launched two planning consultations that could have a significant impact on the number of affordable homes we build – the white paper “planning for the future” and a second consultation outlining shorter term changes to the planning system.

We published a short document that highlighted the evidence for our key concerns in Milton Keynes, Central Bedfordshire and South Northamptonshire.

We’ve followed this up with a document specific to Daventry and East Northants.

Once again, our key concerns are that the proposals:

  • will reduce the delivery of affordable housing
    • will increase barriers to home ownership
    • will have a negative impact on site viability
    • will not benefit small or medium sized developers

We’re calling for the current planning system to maintain or increase affordable housing delivery across our region, which we believe requires the following key changes:

  • Retain current Section 106 affordable housing thresholds
    • Ensure the standard method results in no change, or an increase in delivery numbers required for each local authority area
    • First Homes should not replace ‘traditional’ affordable tenures
    • Entry level and First Homes sites should both be available and delivered in line with local needs

You can read the Daventry and East Northants document here or alternatively read the Milton Keynes, Central Bedfordshire and South Northamptonshire here.