Gardening for Wellbeing sessions

News – 11 August 2022

Our Wellbeing Coordinator, Emma Dagless, has been delivering therapeutic gardening sessions for the past five years and is currently delivering Gardening for Wellbeing sessions in Milton Malsor, West Northants, on Monday afternoons and in Flitwick, Bedfordshire, on Tuesday mornings.

Emma says: “I know how good gardening is for me, and the people I garden with.

“At Ellenshaw Court in Flitwick, there are currently six gardeners attending our weekly sessions. There are a couple of more experienced gardeners and the other enthusiastic beginners are learning fast. It’s a large site, and we have a plan, but no overambitious, time-driven goals, just ideas to try and see how they work out.”

If you would like to join a Gardening for Wellbeing session, email Emma at