Giving supported living residents a place to call their own

Housing provider Grand Union Housing Group (GUHG) has completed its £500k refurbishment of a supported living scheme in High Oaks, St Albans. Once a residential care home with shared facilities for six people, the scheme now boasts four self-contained one-bedroomed flats with a communal lounge, staff sleep-in room and garden.

GUHG’s Head of Supported Living, Debbie Stuart said: “The old building, whilst meeting regulatory standards, did not offer residents the privacy of a home with their own front door. We are delighted that, through working in partnership with Walsingham Support and Herts County Council, we have been able to deliver accommodation that meets the needs of current and future residents. They have been fully involved with choosing their fixtures and furnishings and are looking forward to moving into their new homes.”

Jane Devine from Walsingham Support added: “This is a life changing moment for Jim, Mark, Peter and Steven. All four men are over 50 years old and have moved from long stay hospitals to residential homes, and now to supported living. For the first time they have their own front door and a private space.

“Everyone is different, with different needs and abilities, so it is important that we support them every step of the way through what could be an unsettling transition into their new surroundings.

“All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of families and friends, partnerships with Grand Union Housing and Hertfordshire County Council along with our dedicated staff.”

Peter, 67, was a resident of High Oaks before the refurbishment and is pleased to be moving back in. His sister, Janet, said: “Although Peter had settled in his temporary accommodation, he is very much looking forward to being able to see his High Oaks friends again. In addition, with the privacy of having his own flat, I know he will appreciate the peace and quiet of his surroundings.”