How’s our writing?

News – Wednesday 24 February 2021

How’s our writing? That’s what we’re asking all customers to let us know whenever you get a letter or email from us.

We’ve started to add a “how’s our writing?” icon on the bottom of our letters and emails because we want to make sure that everything we send to you is clear and easy to understand.

This is part of a big project looking at how we communicate with our customers that started last summer. A group of customers helped us look at how we could improve our letters, emails and text, and we’ve now started reviewing all of these.

We’ve got over 500 different letters to look at, but we’ve already reviewed 150, so hopefully you’ll start to notice a change in our writing style very soon.

So, the next time you get a letter or email from us, let us know if you don’t think it’s written well or easy to understand and we’ll do our best to fix it. We’d even like you to let us know when we get it right.

Please send your communication comments to