Important dates for Universal Credit

There have been so many announcements and updates with Universal Credit (UC) we have put together a timetable of some of the changes that we know about at the moment. Please see below:

If you have any questions about UC, please get in touch with us by calling 0300 123 5544 or emailing

16 January 2019: Severe Disability Premiums

Anyone on a Severe Disability Premium (SDP) that has a change in circumstance which would lead them to put through a new claim for UC will be able to stay on their legacy benefit. They do NOT have to go across to UC until they are migrated across naturally; this is so that they can keep their extra premium.

For anyone that has lost their SDP, from 16 January the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) should be looking to reimburse and backdate any lost SDP premiums and will top up ongoing UC payments. This should be done automatically but we have been given no time scale.

There is a helpline number dedicated for queries with regards to the SDP lost premiums: 0800 181 4049.

31 January 2019: Families with three or more children

A new claim WILL now be accepted for UC for families with three or more children. If they already have existing claims on legacy benefits that are already paying out for more than three children, the amount paid will be protected. However, if it is a brand new claim for benefits for their three or more children, they will only get payments for two as per the two child rule.

April 2019: Citizens Advice contracts

Citizens Advice have the contract from DWP to provide full budgeting and digital inclusion skills for those on UC.

April 2019: Increased work allowance

The work allowance amounts on UC will increase which should give a family an average of £600 extra per year on a UC claim.

15 May 2019: Mixed age couples

From this date mixed age couples (one of working age/one of pension age) will no longer have the choice to claim Pension Credit and will have to claim UC. Only the person of working age will have work related commitments.

13 August 2019: Pension credit – three month backdate

As Pension Credit allows a three month backdate on claims, this will be the final date that we can put through a claim for a mixed age couple.

October 2019: Maximum deduction amounts

The maximum amount that can be deducted in total from a claimant’s personal allowance will be a maximum of 30% (originally 40%). Housing cost deductions stay at 20% maximum.

July 2020: Two week run-on

There will be a two week run-on paid to the customer on legacy benefits when going across to UC.

October 2020: Planned migration

This is the date announced for the planned migration from legacy benefits to UC.

October 2021: Extended repayment period for advances

The repayment period to pay back an advance payment will be extended to 16 months.