Issues with our heating contactor

News – 23 May 2022 We know that there have been issues with our heating contractor, PH Jones, over the last few weeks whilst they have been putting their team in place to take over the delivery of the heating maintenance service. Late last week we met with them to find solutions to these problems. Cancelled appointments A number of you have had appointments cancelled far too often, which is not the kind of service we would expect, and we’re disappointed some of you have even had multiple bookings cancelled. We’re so sorry about this. As of today, PH Jones have more engineers joining their team, both part-time and full-time, with more to come in early June. They are also getting their teams to work overtime to help get through the backlog of jobs. Issues with texts There has also been an issue with PH Jones texting customers about appointments and then not turning up. This has been down to a scheduling issue with their system. To help resolve this problem, PH Jones will suspend text notifications for the time being and will instead call customers to confirm that they will be visiting. This should stop the issues while they investigate possible problems with the system. Getting in touch with them We know that you’ve not been able to get in touch with them very easily or have had to wait too long when calling them. In May, they’ve only been able to answer around 65% of calls, which we know is just not good enough and understand why you’ve been so frustrated with the levels of service provided. PH Jones have now added extra members to their call centre team which should mean you’re able to get through much easier. They’ve also guaranteed that their web-chat functionality will be fully up and running before the end of May. Our sincerest apologies for any of you who have been affected by these issues. We’re hopeful that the measures being put in place from today will help to rectify them.