Local dementia housing scheme invests in cutting-edge approach to dementia care

Residents living in a specialist dementia care scheme in Bletchley are benefiting from a ‘Magic Table’ designed to help with their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The interactive and innovative ‘Tovertafel’ (which translates to ‘Magic Table’ in Dutch) has been installed by local housing provider Grand Union Housing Group (GUHG) at Flowers House, which cares for 34 people living with dementia.

The Tovertafel contains a series of games for people living with mid to late stage dementia and has been designed to encourage instinctive participation, inviting engagement and stimulation.

Designed for multiple uses, it displays various activities through interactive light animations projected onto the table that react to residents’ hand and arm movements.

Deborah Stuart, Head of Supported Housing, said: “Many people with dementia become really passive and quiet, interacting little with those around them. The Magic Table has changed all that.

“It’s lovely to watch the residents’ faces light up as they play with the table, touching flowers, bursting bubbles, chasing butterflies or sweeping autumn leaves, and to see how much more social they become.”

Mehdi Bedioui, whose organisation brought the Tovertafel to the UK, added: “Tovertafel allows you to interact with your loved ones and we are delighted to have installed Flowers House’s first device. Tovertafel creates moments of happiness for the residents. As the images are just beams of light, nothing can get lost or broken. No one can get hurt.

“The Tovertafel provides a positive and invaluable experience, with residents more motivated to interact with staff, their families and carers.”

Residents at Flowers House had their first opportunity to use the Magic Table at their recent fifth anniversary celebratory event.