Making your homes smarter for the future

News – 21 April 2021 One of our commitments to our customers in our corporate plan, Further together, is to use technology intelligently and we’ll be starting to do just that over the next few years to help ensure your home is a safe, warm and healthy place to live. Here are some of our very exciting plans! Smart smoke detectors We are trialling smoke detectors that let us know if they’re not powered by the mains and relying on a battery back-up, or if they’ve been removed for a period of time. This means we can be confident that smoke detectors are protecting our customers. These new smoke detectors are also capable of letting a building manager or family member know, so not only will you know of the fire, so will other people who will be able to help. Smart heating What if your boiler could report an issue before it breaks down? What if it also could let the heating engineer know what the likely issue is so that your repair could be completed in one visit? That would be so much better for both you and the environment. What’s more, the heating controls could adjust the heating and hot water schedules to keep your bills as low as possible. Sounds like a great idea to us! Health of the building By ‘health’ we mean the warmth, humidity and air quality in your home. We’ve all dealt with condensation in our homes before. Sometimes it’s easier to fix than others, but it all comes down to temperature and humidity. If your home could use smart ventilation control systems it could track both of these things it could let you know when condensation will form and give advice on how to prevent it. It would also be able to tell you when you’ve changed those conditions and removed the condensation risk, helping you to prevent mould growth in the first place!