Researching modern methods of construction

Members of our Development team recently visited a unique project on a development outside Bicester, Oxfordshire, to carry out research into modern methods of construction.

Graven Hill is a new community that will be realised over 10 years. When finished, it will comprise shops, cafes, a community centre, a school and 1,900 homes.

We took a look around to learn more about Beattie Passive’s homes on the site.

Beattie Passive homes are certified by Passivhaus, a standard which ensures homes are comfortable, healthy and energy efficient. The Beattie Passive build system consists of a wood frame, lined on the inside and the outside and solidly filled with cavity insulation beads. This means that they require significantly less heating than traditional builds, draughts are eliminated and the homes are naturally ventilated.

Beattie Passive’s homes on this site are all private; they differ quite a bit from traditional homes and are very high spec.

The Beattie Passive Build System at its most basic is the wood frame and the insulation which lends itself really well to the type of homes GUHG delivers.

What might be useful to GUHG is that Beattie Passive build systems can be delivered to site as small panels, large panels or whole modules which means we could work around different site constraints.

To find out more about Beattie Passive at Graven Hill, visit their website.