Spring savings with Energy Angels

News – Thursday 25 February 2021

We’re working with an energy switching company called Energy Angels, who have a specialist service for housing associations.

With spring nearly here (and hopefully a return to more normal living), they want to share some of their top tips for being more energy efficient – good news for the environment as well as your pocket!

  • Keep an eye on your heating. As it starts to get warmer, be proactive with your heating. We know British weather can be changeable, but keep on top of thermostat and radiator temperatures as it could save you a good chunk of energy and money.
  • Speaking of heating, keep it clean! Dust and vacuum around radiators to keep them running efficiently. Do the same with your washing machines, dryers and cookers too – keep the filters dust free and the hob clean and they’ll run well and save energy.
  • Don’t stand by and switch off. Turn your appliances off at the plug instead of leaving them on standby; you could save £35 a year.
  • Use eco options. Run the washing machine at 30°, use the dishwasher on eco and make sure when you use either that they’re both full. It’s more efficient and will save you money too.
  • Most importantly, check you’re on the cheapest energy tariff. Head to https://energyangels.co.uk/guhg/ to get a free energy comparison – you could start saving money on your bills today. In 2020, customers who switched through Energy Angels saved an average of £220 a year on their energy bills.