Last autumn Emi-Lu Daley, 37, had nowhere to live. She had previously been renting a property privately with her partner, but after a relationship breakdown, she found herself renting just a double room until she could find somewhere permanent to live for her and her family.

Emi-Lu said: “I’m a soul communicator for people and animals and a global intuitive healer. I was turned away from so many letting agents because I wasn’t working full-time; I was receiving tax credits and housing benefit and there was our dog to think about too.

“I didn’t choose to be in this position but I just couldn’t find anywhere; I was literally begging.

“I’d been looking online and had seen this house in Abthorpe, South Northants, with Grand Union Living. I called their Residential Letting Agent, Jo, who straight away said “Don’t worry, I can help.” Jo was a complete angel.

“I am so grateful to Grand Union Living. They don’t turn people away who are claiming benefits or have pets. Pets can play an important part in a family as they can help children to understand about caring and can boost their confidence. Animals are key in my work with vulnerable adults.

“I’m not going to change for anyone; I felt I was being scrutinised and judged by most letting agents, but not Grand Union Living.

“Jo turned my application round in just two weeks. My friend paid the admin fee for me and I moved in in November.

“This house means so much to me. I love it here, it’s so quiet and the neighbours are great (some of them even gave me furniture). I’ve started working on a vegetable patch and have chickens so we have freshly laid eggs every day.”

Emi-Lu used to be a professional dancer and has Artistic Director credits to her name for theatre productions such as Hairspray, Grease, Bugsy Malone and We Will Rock You. She ran a successful network marketing company for a number of years and opened a fitness and dance studio.

“I’ve always been into vibrational healing and am trying to make a difference to people’s lives, currently working with other healers around the world on an ultimate lifestyle transformation programme. I also have two self-published journals, Scribe your Vibe and Manifest your Masterpiece.

“I lost everything last year and have now been given everything. Where society shut the door on me, Grand Union Living opened it again.”