Jordan and Amber


Jordan and Amber Tyler were living in military quarters in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, but were looking for a home of their own. With just Jordan’s wage coming in and Amber being a full-time mum to their two-year-old son Caden, the couple were priced out of the normal housing market so were looking at shared ownership as an option.

Amber, 27, says: “We’d been ringing round developments where we’d seen houses for sale but that weren’t yet advertised and calling housing associations that offered shared ownership in the Daventry area. My family are from Daventry so we knew the area and liked it.

“We called Grand Union and spoke to one of the new home officers who told us that there were only six homes available on the Badby Road, Daventry site but that with Jordan in the armed forces, we would receive military priority.”

Jordan, 26, adds: “I’m a driver in the Royal Logistics Corps and I’ve been in the army for nine years, but we were completely unaware that current and ex military personnel receive priority for shared ownership properties. We were very happy to find this out!”

The Tylers moved into their two bedroomed semi detached home in Daventry in October 2019. They have a 35% share that they pay a mortgage on and then pay a low-cost rent to Grand Union on the remaining 65%.

Jordan continues: “We love it here; it’s absolutely perfect. We wanted a place to call our own that was secure.

“Private renting isn’t secure because the owner can decide to sell up. Neither is military housing because if I were to fall ill and had to leave the army, we’d have nowhere to live. This house gives us security.

“The combined mortgage and rent on this place is less than what we’d pay if we were renting privately. When the time is right we’d like to buy more shares, which is called staircasing.”

Amber says: “The house is a good size, especially the garden. We have plenty of room for a large shed, a patio and Caden’s play house and there will still be room for a paddling pool and barbecue in the summer.

“The area here is great. There’s a little park nearby and a school for Caden when the time comes. I love it!”

The Tylers are the first military family that have been housed in a shared ownership property by Grand Union, who are thrilled that the Tylers are happy and settled in their new home.

Jordan and Amber would definitely recommend shared ownership to others, especially those in the military.

Amber says: “Shared ownership is brilliant; we’d have been unable to afford a house with a normal mortgage. Grand Union’s Sales team were great at keeping us informed, even if there was little or no update.”

Jordan says: “Our military quarters both in Abingdon and previously in Catterick, North Yorkshire, were great, but they weren’t ours. Now we have a place to call our own.

“We’re very lucky that we’ve got a lovely house for Caden to grow up in, and also for our new baby due in the summer.”