Digital Champions

Our digital champions are vital in helping us spread the word to more customers about the benefits of being online.


Become a Digital Champion and help your local community get connected.

  • Do you enjoy using digital technology, for example email and the internet?
  • Do you have 1-2 hours free each week?
  • Are you a good communicator and enjoy teaching people new skills?
  • Are you able to work with people on a one-to-one basis or perhaps in a small group?

Then why not become a Digital Champion in your local community?

These days having the skills to use digital technology is a must-have. It can save people time and money, make people feel more connected and better informed. Despite this, millions of people have never been online.

A Digital Champion is someone who helps others to understand the benefits of being online and can spend some time showing them how. Digital Champions do a range of simple things like:

  • teaching someone to use Google or another web browser
  • showing a beginner how to set up an email account
  • helping someone to use the internet to research and plan care
  • explaining computer terms and internet jargon.

 In return you’ll get:

  • the opportunity to develop your own skills and knowledge about digital technology
  • free online training so you know better how to work with others and what sort of things you could teach them
  • the chance to part of a community of Champions who can help each other and share ideas
  • rewards and awards! You’ll receive a Certificate and an online Open Badge for each Digital Champion course you complete – you can put it on your CV and show others what you’ve done
  • immense satisfaction that you’ve made a difference to someone else.

Become a Digital Champion today! Find out more by emailing Amie at