Be active


The government recognises that exercise remains important for both our health and wellbeing. While we can go out for exercise the type of exercise we can do is still limited.

When choosing to exercise it is important to find something that matches your own interests, health and ability, remembering that anything you do, no matter how small, is likely to be beneficial.

While there are many resources on the internet, we have highlighted some below:

Where any level of exercise fills you with uncertainty, do not fear. At a very basic level, work your way round your body thinking about all the different parts, from feet though to head and neck and maybe give them a wiggle or gentle movement. Building on this, there is NHS guidance on easy, indoor exercise:, including seated exercises.

“We are Undefeatable” is a movement developed by 15 health and social care charities to help people with long term health conditions remain active. Their website shares ideas, personal stories and links to web-based exercise classes for many abilities.

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