Normally we would talk about going out and meeting people, but that’s limited right now. Here are some other ideas:

  • A lot of people are connecting through social media, following and commenting on each other’s stories and joining in with conversations. While this can be helpful remember, that this can also cause some stress and increase your sense of loneliness if you don’t feel as fortunate as your friends.
    • If you have a front garden use it, people may walk past and you can safely have a conversation while maintaining a distance of at least two metres. Remember that whatever you do to improve your front garden will probably be enjoyed by others.
    • Now may be a good time to pick up the phone and renew old friendships. Even if you follow each other on social media or exchange Christmas cards, it is not the same as a conversation. It may be an idea to write a list of people you have not spoken to in a while and to work your way through it. While you may do this to reduce your own isolation, your call is also likely to brighten someone else’s day and ease their isolation.
    Wellbeing - Maintaining wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak