Keep learning


Now could be a good time to start learning something new, maybe something you have never got round to before. It may be just for enjoyment and to expand your mind or to help you fulfil future goals. As always, there are a lot of on-line resources, but here are a few suggestions.

  • Digital and employment skills

Our Community Investment team helps our customers develop employment, digital and life skills, in particular we recommend the following sites in order to access courses, many of which are free, for this purpose.

If you want advice on what may be helpful for future employment, please contact to discuss your needs.

  • Learning for older people

The U3 is a national organisation with over 1,000 local groups. While the activities of many of the local groups are on hold due to the coronavirus, the national website has some good information and activities to take part in.

  • Learning for children and curious adults

While many schools are supporting their pupils with lessons, they can lack variation and the interaction of a real classroom.

BBC Bitesize has a varied series of video resources. While aimed at children, the 14-16 age range has plenty to interest curious adults, ranging from Wonders of Life by Professor Brian Cox to Andrew Marr’s History of the World.

Another well recognised source of on-line lessons id the Oak National Academy These resources are designed for children of all ages, but are engaging and can help with home schooling.

It is also worth looking up websites of museums and galleries that have online resources. including virtual tours.

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