Keep safe, be prepared


Although we are slowly getting back to normal, there are frequent reminders in the news that coronavirus has not gone away, and we may still be subject to further restrictions especially as we move into autumn.

Along with more specific government legislation and guidance, there are things we can all continue to do help limit the spread of the virus:

  • maintain at least 2m social distancing
  • wearing a mask in enclosed public areas
  • wash or disposing of masks, tissues, gloves etc safely
  • avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose
  • continuing to frequently wash hands with warm soapy water for 20 seconds.

There are also things that we can do to boost our health and wellbeing and to be more prepared for the future whatever it brings. Find out more by following these NHS links:

General advice/updates on coronavirus (link  to use )

To look at ways to boost your overall health and wellbeing (link to use  )

If you want to start losing weight (link to use ) and for 12 helpful tips to lose weight (link to use )

Eating a healthy diet can be so important for our health and wellbeing. We are pleased to be working with two organisations, one based in South Northants and the other in Bedfordshire, that are passionate about sharing advice on cooking in a way that promotes health, is affordable, reduces waste and above all is fun. Follow the links to visit their websites which including a range of tasty recipes:

Cooking Good (link to use )

Food Etc (link to use )

Wellbeing - Maintaining wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak