The five ways to wellbeing

Life will always present challenges, but humans are resilient and resourceful, often finding ways to overcome these challenges and maintain a quality of life. This can be shown in the following diagram.

Given the events of the past months, it is easy to feel that this balance has been lost; the challenges are too great and we don’t have the resources to cope.

Grand Union, together with other organisations including the NHS and Mind, promote the 5 Ways to Wellbeing. This evidence-based approach, developed by the New Economic Foundation, describes five ways in which people can develop and maintain their wellbeing.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, promoting wellbeing is as important as ever. We have therefore adapted our 5 ways to wellbeing to match the situation we find ourselves in, please click on the links below. To support this we have also worked with local organisations to produce a wellbeing activity pack.

Click on the five ways to wellbeing below for more information on each one.

Wellbeing - Maintaining wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak