Further wellbeing activities

While we have tried to pack the 5 Ways to wellbeing pages with ideas, there are still more!

One of our supported living customers has been busy making a memory book. It details all the positive events which have happened for her during lockdown and includes; Easter, Purple Day (to raise awareness of epilepsy), VE Day, birthdays, gardening, a car wash event, keeping fit, clap for the NHS, rainbows and a section on practicing what it is like to go out shopping now.

β€œIt is like a life story of what we have been doing. It is a good way to get together and share how we were feeling, and it may help others understand if they are finding times hard to deal with. I would definitely suggest others make one. I think all of us and the staff have done really well. We are planning to celebrate and get back to normal as soon as possible.”

Our Communications Apprentice has also found a way of relaxing and switching off from the news by making plasticine figures. This has been a difficult time for families, and this is something everyone can join in with and have fun.

As restrictions were gradually lifted in the summer, we were aware that many of our customers are still be feeling very isolated and lonely. With this in mind, we worked with local organisations to develop activity packs and posted them to over 150 customers who do not have access to IT or close support from family or friends.

It was very positive to work with local social enterprises on this, as they themselves are facing a difficult time. Their normal work would be to provide face-to-face activities within the community in order to reduce loneliness and isolation.

Please click on the links below to download the different activities