Tackling anti-social behaviour

Working collaboratively with local residents, the police and council, we recently successfully obtained two injunction orders at the County Court due to ongoing serious anti-social behaviour. We have advised residents in both areas about the injunction order, including that there is a power of arrest if the orders are not kept to. We would like to thank residents living in both areas who provided evidence for us to obtain the injunction orders and continue to keep us informed in order that we can deal with any breaches. Without this input from local residents such action would not be possible. Having customers who are willing to make statements and attend hearings is vital. We fully understand the legal process can be lengthy and frustrating for those customers who are working alongside us. We have kept customers up to date, shared information where we can and explained where we can’t. Customers have already provided very positive feedback about how the housing officers are dealing with these cases, for example:
  • “works very hard to achieve results for customers”
  • “continues to work diligently to attempt to resolve things”
  • “always aware and listening, asking if there is anything that I need”
If you would like to know more about our approach to anti-social behaviour please see our ASB Toolkit.