Universal Credit and benefits advice

Universal Credit (UC) often causes problems to tenants which is why our welfare benefits advice service is so vital. In the year 2017/18 alone, our team of Welfare Benefits Advisors has helped our tenants gain £3.5m in income.

One of our tenants, Linda Trusler from Flitwick, spoke to the National Housing Federation recently about her issues with UC. Linda, 58, started claiming UC in December last year, when illness meant she lost her job as a care worker:

“Straight away, I needed an advance to help me cover my rent. I’m now paying that back, on top of paying my rent and bills every month.

“My UC doesn’t even cover all of my rent, so I need to add some money from my Personal Independence Payment. I even get some money from my daughter to make ends meet every month – and I still need to go to a food bank. I’d describe it as grim.

“All this means I’ve ended up in arrears. I owe hundreds of pounds in rent I just haven’t had the money to pay. But Grand Union have been really understanding. My advisor, Elliott, has been so helpful with all the paperwork and budgeting. I’m getting there, but it would be so much easier without UC.”

If you’re a tenant and are experiencing problems with Universal Credit or any other benefits and would like advice, please contact our Welfare Benefits advisors through our Customer Services Team – call 0300 123 5544 or email enquiry@grandunionhousing.co.uk