We’re up for an award!

News – 11 June 2021

What a great way to end the week – we’re a finalist at the UK Customer Satisfaction Awards 2021.

Our project to become more customer focused by better understanding customer needs and expectations, has been recognised in the Best Customer Service Co-Creation/Collaboration category, which is for organisations that have successfully engaged with a sector of its customer-base to research, analyse and bring to market a co-created product or service or have collaborated with another organisation to deliver exceptional customer service.

Naomi Sweeting, Grand Union’s Director of Customer Experience, said: “This nomination comes as a direct result of all of the work that gone into the project both from our colleagues and from customers getting involved.

“We want customers to know they can trust us to do what we say we will and that we will be fair, which is why the project is looking to design services that will redefine the customer/landlord relationship and making things easier by improving the customer journey.

“We’re doing really well with the project and want to say thank you to each of the 44 customers we engaged with in this project so far. Without your input and invaluable insights we wouldn’t have been able to do so much, and certainly wouldn’t have been nominated in what is the UK’s most prestigious customer service awards.”

The awards, which will take place in October this year, are run by the Institute of Customer Services, the professional body for customer service, of which we’re a member. You can find out more about the awards by visiting www.instituteofcustomerservice.com/events/uk-customer-satisfaction-awards/#finalists