Cat on window sill

We’ve updated our pet policy

News – 29 March 2023

Participants on Voice, our customer feedback platform, helped us to understand our customers’ views on our pet policy and pet ownership in our properties.

The most common feeling amongst respondents was that we should consider pets being allowed in all properties due to the positive impact a pet can have on mental health and wellbeing, as well as the companionship they provide. That is why we’ve recently reviewed our pet procedure.

Voice users said:

  • they disagreed with dogs not being allowed in flats. We’ve now changed the pet policy so that where possible, we allow one dog, one cat, one vivarium or a reasonable number of small pets in general needs flats. There are exceptions, for example where homes have no garden or only a small communal garden or where there are existing agreements that pets are not allowed.
  • they disagreed with dogs not being allowed in sheltered housing, so we’ll now consider requests from those living in retirement/sheltered housing. This will be restricted to one pet, unless there are exceptional circumstances for incoming customers. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis through Life24 Advisors/Partnership Coordinators, who will consider the customer’s ability to care for the pet and arrangements if the customer becomes unable to care for the pet, suitability of the property and the impact on other customers.
  • cats don’t always wear a collar, as this isn’t a legal requirement, so cats wearing collars with names and addresses shouldn’t be a Grand Union requirement. This has now been removed from our pet policy.
  • they needed clarification on the policy wording in respect to how Grand Union will ensure customers are complying with the policy and how this will be enforced. We have now reworded the policy to make it clearer and easier to understand.

You can read more about our pet policy here.