Where are we building?

News – 28 October 2021

We’re often asked where we’re building, so here’s an update of our latest developments in our areas:

Ivel Road, Shefford, Beds

We’re building 42 two and three bedroomed properties in the heart of Bedfordshire – 25 for shared ownership sale (two and three bed houses) and 17 for social rent (one and two bed apartments and two and three bed houses). These are due for completion in the spring of next year. The main picture shows computer generated image of how one of the roads will look.

Upton, Northampton

Over the next two years we’re building 22 homes for affordable/social rent (a mix of apartments and houses ranging from one bed to three beds) and 10 for shared ownership sale (two and three bedroomed houses) at Hunsbury Grange and St Michael’s Park in the Upton area, a few miles west of Northampton.

Blackthorn Drive, Northampton

We’re building 28 homes, a mix of two and three bed properties, for affordable rent and 13 for shared ownership sale to the north east of Northampton. These are due for completion by February 2022.

The Furlongs, Towcester

Coming this winter we’re building 14 homes for affordable rent (one, two and three bed) and 4 two and three bed homes for shared ownership sale, just a stone’s throw from Towcester Racecourse.


These numbers may not be huge, but they will make a big difference to those currently looking for a place to live. We know there are still many homes needed to fully tackle the housing crisis, but each new scheme brings us one step closer.

For market rent and shared ownership enquiries, please visit our website www.grandunionliving.co.uk and the Grand Union Housing Group website if you’re looking for social and affordable rent homes.