Why has my rent gone up?

News – 1 March 2022

We set our rent charges in line with our Rent Policy which reflects the regulations set by the Government’s Rent Standard or governed by the terms and conditions of your lease (if applicable). We then review rent and other charges each year.

We do this in line with the national inflation level, which was much higher than the previous year.

As a result of the high level of inflation, goods and services are much more expensive and unfortunately rent charges have gone up too to cover these increased costs.

What to do next  

You’ll need to amend your payments to cover any changes in your rent and charges. Don’t worry if you pay by Direct Debit, as we’ll change your payment amount.

If you have any type of payment arrangement on your account including a court order, then these payments will need to increase to reflect the change.

Questions you may have

I am entitled to Housing Benefit/Universal Credit – how will the rent increase affect my claim?

Housing Benefit, and the Housing Costs Element of Universal Credit, should be increased to reflect your newer higher rent.

Please be aware that if you claim Universal Credit you must report the change of rent on your online account or if you have any difficulties, please call 0800 328 5644. This will need to be done on 4 April or very soon after.

Are other benefit rates increasing?

Yes, rates of benefits are generally increasing by 3.1%.

I am worried about how I will afford everything with the general cost of living and rising energy bills – what help is available to me?

We have a number of dedicated teams who can help with a number of issues:

  • Welfare Benefit Advisors – for help with understanding your entitlements, help to claim and help to challenge decisions about your claims
  • Budgeting and Debt Advisors – for help with managing your money and your options if you have debt you are struggling to deal with
  • Wellbeing & Support – for help with managing your tenancy
  • Employment Advice – for help to get into work