You said, we did

The information you give us about our services is vital and as a result of customer feedback through complaints we have taken the following actions. We are looking into complaints in more detail, to improve learning, establish any trends and ultimately reduce the number received in future.

You said We did
Suggestion received that the form relatives use following the passing of a customer be reviewed as there is a lack of empathy shown for the situation. This helpful suggestion has resulted in the form being updated with relevant details for this situation. In addition, the tenancy information page within the Your Home/Customer Information section of the website has been updated with an explanation of what information to provide.
Complaint regarding time taken to resolve a repair with multiple contractors. Investigations highlighted that instructions were not communicated between staff and contractors in a timely manner. In addition, the customer was not kept fully informed.

As part of our action plan formed from the recent customer survey, communication will be reviewed and improved through several process changes.

Complaint regarding disagreement with a section of the repairs and maintenance policy. As part of our action plan formed from the recent customer survey, key actions will be the regular publishing of information and keeping customers informed.
Various complaints involving heating and hot water issues has seen an increase in the time taken to complete and the lack of keeping the customer informed. Individual issues have always been a key focus at contractor meetings however use of trend data gives additional weight to ensuring contractors make required service improvements.
Feedback indicated a lack of acknowledgement on receipt of a garage application. We wish to reassure customers that acknowledgements are part of the process and apologise if any have been missed. We are experiencing a high volume of garage applications that has led to a delay in processing.
Feedback indicated an unclear procedure in relation to a right of way. As a result of some feedback following a complaint the wording of our permission letter will be reviewed for fencing and gates to make it clear that if there are any rights of way these must not be obstructed.