You said, we did

The information you give us about our services is vital and as a result of customer feedback through complaints we have taken the following actions. We are looking into complaints in more detail, to improve learning, establish any trends and ultimately reduce the number received in future.

You said We did
A complaint was raised in respect of how an eviction process was handled, in particular with regard to a customer’s belongings, communication and record keeping


Through a detailed investigation we recognise that there were things we could have done differently, even though in all likelihood these may not have affected the final outcome. Specifically, we have again reminded the housing officer team to strengthen record keeping and team leaders will monitor this, increased authorisation measures and cross team collaboration.

Our staff members will also receive further training on communication issues relating to mental ill health. We want to be able to demonstrate that we uphold our values and principles and we recognise that there are always lessons to be learnt from cases such as these, when examined in detail, and with hindsight.

Feedback received has highlighted poor communication between departments, contractors and customers The importance of keeping customers informed is being raised with contractors at performance review meetings. A new framework for continuous improvement has been launched which involves staff attending monthly workshops to undertake root cause analysis to implement long term solutions.

Poor communication is looked at as part of this process.