Shared ownership responsibilities

As a shared owner, you take on the same responsibilities as any other home owner, including being responsible for any repairs to your property.

The lease explained

Whether you buy a house or flat under shared ownership terms, we will grant you a lease usually for 125 years. Although you have not bought the property outright, you will have the usual rights and responsibilities of a full owner occupier.

The lease agreement is a legal document and details your responsibilities: to pay rent, as well as detailing maintenance responsibilities, how you can buy further shares, sell your home and other important details about owning your home.

The lease contains a clause relating to subletting (which is not permitted in our properties), and also a clause relating to keeping pets in your new home. In apartments, you will generally not be able to keep pets. In houses, you should be allowed to have pets. However, please check whether pets are permitted before you do anything.

Please contact our Customer Contact team to discuss any queries you may have regarding your shared ownership lease.

Defects in your new home

A new build property generally has a defects period in which the developer will attend to most faults within the property. The defects cover may differ with each development i.e. period of cover and what is and is not liable. Once the defects period has ended, the shared owner is responsible for any subsequent repairs and maintenance costs.

For more information and advice about defects in your new home, please see this leaflet.

New home cover

‘Buildmark Choice’ is NHBC’s 10 year warranty and insurance cover, designed to protect new home owners. NHBC is the UK’s leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes. Buildmark is not a complete guarantee against all defects, but is an insurance policy which covers you against specified risks which could be very expensive to put right. In some cases, an alternative policy provider may be used. Full details of the cover will be available during the purchase process.

Home improvements and alterations

If you wish to improve your home or make structural alterations e.g. adding a conservatory, you must request our written agreement before starting the work. You are free to do any cosmetic improvements e.g. decoration, without our consent. Please complete a home improvement form or contact us for more information.