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Our service to you

The aim of the Wellbeing and Safeguarding Service is to ensure that you are supported to remain living independently in your own home for as long as possible.

We want to help you make informed decisions about the way you lead your life and consult with you regularly to ensure that our services are tailored to meet your needs now and in the future.

We strive to offer you a service which is high quality, value for money and effective in meeting your needs by focusing on the following:

  • Maximising independence– to help you achieve or maintain financial and personal independence, enabling you to lead a quality life in the way you choose.
  • Achieve goals and aspirations – to help you set and achieve goals, however small, putting your needs and aspirations at the heart of our service.
  • Community involvement – to give you access to the wider community and for us to work with other providers to meet your needs and help you remain in your own home for as long as possible.
  • Feeling safe and secure – to ensure you live in a safe and secure environment, where your views are sought and respected, where services can reflect your ongoing changing needs and where awareness of safeguarding from abuse is promoted.
  • Enjoyment and fulfilment – to encourage an active and inclusive environment to stimulate and promote well-being and enjoyment; to assist you in enabling cultural, religious and personal beliefs; to be met with the support of other additional services, where possible.
  • Maximising health and well-being – to provide you with support and guidance about access to aids and adaptations and new technology to maximise your independence and maintain your health and well-being, in partnership with other providers.
  • Resident involvement – to consult regularly with you on all aspects of the service we provide and to work closely with the Community Investment Team so that all individuals are consulted about their needs and opinions, including those who may not find it easy to make their views heard.

In your home you will have a built-in alarm system with a pendant. This is a connected to a response centre, which operates all year round, 24 hours a day.

Find out more on our dedicated Life24 website.

Your Life24 Advisor (L24A)

We offer a menu of support to tenants who can have the option to receive contact from a dedicated L24A

Sally Burns

Lead Life24 Advisor

Angela Asiedu

Life24 Advisor

Bev Fye

Life24 Advisor

Liz James

Life24 Advisor

Jennifer Kearney

Life24 Advisor

Nadine Ball

Life24 Advisor

Rita Ruparelia

Life24 Advisor

Sharon Tustian

Life24 Advisor

Solomon Sahota

Life24 Advisor

Val Osborne

Life24 Advisor

Dementia and Extra Care Schemes:

Faye Baker

Chamomile Gardens - Partnerships Advisor

Rachel Mannings

Chamomile Gardens - Partnerships Coordinator

Brenda Moore

Quince Court - Partnerships Advisor

Emma Sullivan

Quince Court - Partnerships Coordinator

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