Permission to install CCTV/video doorbell

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Looking to install CCTV or a video doorbell at your property?

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Once you receive permission here are a few things to consider.

What is the best way to setup CCTV/video doorbell

  • When installing CCTV we would strongly recommend recording within your property boundary.
  • If your CCTV captures images beyond your property boundary (e.g. your neighbour’s property, communal areas or public streets and footpaths) then this is subject to data protection laws.
  • As the CCTV user, you are a data controller and will need to comply with your legal obligations under data protection laws.

Other things to consider

  • Please consider your neighbour’s privacy. Bear in mind that, Under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998, respect for your private and family life is a legal right. This includes intrusion into your home life.
  • Would you be happy to have someone else monitoring your property? Does the equipment have audio recording? (This can be very intrusive!)
  • Further information can be found at

Ways to try and prevent issues arising

  • Where possible speak with your neighbour and let them know what you will be installing. Under the UKGDPR Data Protection Act 2018 you can’t collect personal data without a lawful/specified purpose.
  • Attach a video doorbell warning sticker/CCTV in use sticker to your front/back door to make people aware they are being recorded. The sticker or sign should tell people that recording is taking place and why.
  • Ensure the distance of the recording (if you can) remains within your property boundary.
  • Don’t keep data for any longer than you need to and delete it regularly.
  • Be aware that video doorbell footage is often archived to the cloud. It is your responsibility to ensure the images are not shared with others or misused.

  • Please enter details of all locations if more than one video device is to be added.
  • View the ICO guidlines
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