Ending a tenancy when someone dies


Losing a friend or relative is a difficult time. We understand that there are a lot of arrangements to make and we are here to help.

Regretfully there are some practical matters with which we will need the help of the executor/next of kin. Please refer to the ‘ending a tenancy’ information.

Please notify us of the death of the tenant by contacting our Customer Contact team as soon as possible.

The timescale to end the tenancy is four weeks from the Monday following you notifying us. A notice bringing the tenancy to an end will be served by us at the deceased’s property. During the notice period, we will contact you to make arrangements to visit the property and answer any questions you might have about the handover process and agree when the keys will be returned.

To report a death, please use the 'Tell us once' online government service

View this useful information leaflet on what to do after reporting a death.