Flats and high rise properties


Following the fire at Grenfell Tower, the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG) sent a letter requiring local authorities and housing associations to:

  • identify and record the number of properties that are 18 metres high or more
  • identify and record the properties that have been clad with aluminium type panels
  • inspect those identified to establish whether they are panels made of Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) and record this
  • report all the findings of the first two of the above investigations to the DCLG by close of business on 19 June.

We can confirm we do not have any high rise blocks of flats of six storeys or more and do not have any which are clad in an ACM. Therefore a ‘nil’ return was submitted.

The highest block owned by us is five storeys. Part of the block is covered with cladding, however it has been confirmed that this a decorative laminate panel with no thermal insulation, rather than an ACM. The details of the cladding have been sent to Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue for their information and a joint visit undertaken of this block.

The only other blocks of medium rise flats (from three to five storeys) that have been externally insulated by us are three four-storey concrete non-traditional blocks. This external wall insulation system is not an ACM, rather it comprises phenolic foam mechanically fixed to the concrete substructure and covered with a cementitious render. It has been confirmed that the installation was monitored by the manufacturers and firebreaks have also been installed. These provide a class 0 fire rating which is also covered by a 25 year insurance backed guarantee.

The only other medium rise blocks of flats owned by us are of a traditional construction with no render or cladding.