Customer Satisfaction Survey - 2020

What did we do?

We asked a sample of customers for 10 minutes of their time to answer questions about their experience when contacting us. We received a 16% response rate, that’s 625 replies, thank you.

What did you tell us?

Most improved

  • This is great news but there’s still room for improvement. We continue to empower our colleagues to make decisions which provide you with the best possible customer experience.

You are least satisfied with:
This isn’t great and we want to say sorry. Following our 2019 survey we promised to work on the areas you identified as requiring improvement and this year’s results show we haven’t made the progress we wanted to.

What are we doing now? Our action plan goals

In October, we completed a restructure which we believe will start to address some of the issues raised. Find out more here. We’ve got a new Customer Experience Strategy and delivery plan. We believe these will make significant improvements to the service we provide.

We’re rolling out Customer Care Training to all new colleagues and customer service topic training, to all colleagues. The training will pick up themes identified by this survey and what you’ve been telling us through our Rant and Rave customer feedback platform.  A key theme will be improving customer communication.

On top of all of this, we are also currently carrying out a programme of service reviews that will help us to improve our Right First Time rate.

How did we compare?

It’s really disappointing we haven’t increased customer satisfaction from our last survey and again we’re sorry. We know we can do better and we promise we’ll be working hard to make sure that the issues you told us about are put right.

Please note: Results are benchmarked against both private and public companies across the UK. Public Services (Local) includes housing associations (like us), councils, fire and ambulance services etc. across the UK, not just in our local region.