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Money, debt and benefit advice

Our Financial Wellbeing team provides two different services – welfare benefits advice and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised debt advice.

In 2022/23 there were:


Welfare Benefits referrals


Debt Advice referrals

Our welfare benefits advice helps customers with benefit entitlement checks, claims, and appeals. Our debt advice looks at the options available to help you take control of any debts you may have. These services help to maximise income and reduce stress.


benefits secured for customers in 2022/23


of assistance with rent such as Housing Benefit, Discretionary Housing payments or the housing costs element of Universal Credit


in disability payments which provide extra money for customers with long-term health problems or disabilities

Helen Helen was over the moon to move to a place of her own just before Christmas 2020, after a traumatic few years. Read more
Helen feature image

Wellbeing Support

Our Wellbeing & Support team provides short term support to customers who are experiencing a crisis. This could be due to mental or physical health, hoarding or substance dependency.

In 2022/23 the team supported 379 customers.

Independent Living

We provide apartments and bungalows for over 50s with support offered through Life24. Our service is tailored to individuals’ needs and ensures peace of mind for our customers and their families.

Doreen Doreen had lived in her house in Bedfordshire for 64 years and after her husband died in 2019, Doreen’s family decided that a Life24 alarm ... Read more
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Life24 is our personalised visiting and emergency alarm service for people of all ages. It enables independence and peace of mind.

Customers can choose from a range of support options and receive face-to-face or telephone contact.

558 personal alarm systems installed in 2022/23.

Through this service, we are able to support customers who are struggling with daily living by working in partnership with a range of statutory and voluntary agencies.

Visit Life24 website

Extra care

Our extra care schemes help customers to live independently in their homes, but with additional support from our Life24 service, should they need it. We have two schemes in Bedfordshire: recently refurbished Quince Court in Sandy (55 apartments) and our newly built Chamomile Gardens in Biggleswade (93 apartments). We also have a specialist dementia scheme in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. Our Life24 and Extra Care colleagues collectively completed almost 55,000 wellbeing checks during the year, ensuring our most vulnerable customers remained safe and well in their homes.

Occupational Therapist

We offer an adaptations and assistance service, helping to make home environments as safe as possible and life a little easier. We work in partnership with local authorities to provide funding for disabled adaptations. Disabled Facility Grants from councils are available to customers whose needs have been identified by an occupational therapist.

 The Rogers family feature image
The Rogers family
For years, devoted mum Emma had struggled helping her daughter Courtney, 10, with daily routines at their home in Deanshanger, Northamptonshire.
Read more

Supported Living

We also work in partnership with specialist care providers to provide individual care and support for customers who have learning difficulties. For many customers, this is their first opportunity to live in a home of their own and develop skills to live more independently. Some houses may have staff available 24 hours a day to provide round the clock support.

Robert, Daniel & Frank Robert (27), Daniel (35) and Frank (25) all have various learning difficulties and have lived together for many years. They moved into their ... Read more
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domestic abuse referrals made for customers
safeguarding referrals made for customers

Domestic Abuse / Safeguarding

Our dedicated Domestic Abuse & Safeguarding team supports customers who are experiencing domestic abuse. They help them find suitable specialist support and/or accommodation, where necessary. Our support also looks at housing, income, health, social networks and the wellbeing of any children involved.

We also make safeguarding referrals to relevant authorities, to prevent the risk of harm to adults and children who are experiencing, or are at risk of, abuse or neglect.

Where customers are causing harm, we will hold them accountable and encourage them to seek support to change their behaviour.

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