Maintaining wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak

During this unusual time it is quite natural to feel overwhelmed, uncertain and anxious and although you may feel alone there are many people feeling the same way.

Although some of us can now spend time with friends or friends, we all need to remain aware of social distancing when we go out so that we continue to protect ourselves and others.

Grand Union is working hard to support its customers at this difficult time. This includes frequently updating our wellbeing pages with helpful information. Click on the links to the right of this page to explore further.

Before you go here is some more general advice:

  • Give yourself time. Where an issue is not urgent, be patient with yourself and take time to absorb the changes and develop coping strategies.
  • Limit the amount of time you spend on social media and following the news – while both of these can be valuable in terms of information, social interaction and comfort, people are reporting that overuse is causing stress.
  • If you are going out to work, try and build in some time for yourself when you get home.
  • If working from home, remember to take regular breaks, at least every few hours, even if this extends your working day.
  • While it is a good idea to actively manage your wellbeing and that of your family, choose the solution that is best for you. We are all different, some people will decide on a strict daily routine, while others will feel a more flexible approach is right for them.
  • Whatever you choose, try to have some exercise each day and some fresh air. This can boost both your health wellbeing.
  • Don’t blame yourself if your well-made plans go wrong, for example you start missing your exercise or spend a day feeling particular low. Every day is a new day when you can make a fresh start and if your plan really isn’t working, try a new one.