Homeowner information



Being a leaseholder means you ‘own’ your home on a long term lease which may run for many years, unlike a tenant who pays rent. As a leaseholder you will pay for services and areas which are shared.

Like our tenants you will still receive regular information about your account which will detail the leaseholder service charges  applicable to your lease.

You can read more information in your leaseholder agreement or in this document about your lease.

There is also further information to help you with information about leaseholder repairs and maintenance service.

There are many different details for different leases. Your own lease agreement will have the information about your own home in it. Should you have any further queries about your lease contact us and we will help.

If you have already bought a shared ownership home from us, we have lots of useful information available. This includes your shared owner responsibilities, including the lease, home improvements and new home cover.

Also, we have information on buying more shares or selling your home, including purchasing 100% of your property, on Grand Union Living, our sales website.