Your feedback

What you’ve told us about our services and performance

Text and email survey feedback

A big thank you to everyone who has responded to the text or email surveys we send out after accessing some of our services.

In the last 12 months we’ve had over 10,451 responses, (an average of 27.5% each month) and 74.6% of these included a comment for us to work with.

However, not all surveys reach you so please make sure we have your most up-to-date correct contact details.

What is CSAT and why is it important?

CSAT and sentiment scores are very important to us. These allow us to understand how we are doing and where we can improve.

CSAT is a customer satisfaction score between 1 to 5, 5 being the highest and a sentiment score is based on our customers feelings of the service we provided.

We ask you to score us out of 5 for how satisfied you are. Our current target is 4.7

Here are the average satisfaction and sentiment scores for these. Sentiment is based on your actual comments and is calculated using emotion-based sentiment software.

  • Repairs

  • Complaints

  • Moving in

  • Moving out

  • Customer contact

  • Defects

  • Financial Wellbeing

  • Adaptations

  • Planned Works

When we receive a score of 1 or 2 we will make contact to understand more about your experience. We’ll use these comments and customer complaints  to both rectify and ensure these issues are not repeated.

When you are contacted by us for feedback, it will be from the following:

By text: 07860 010 731*

By email:

* Feedback texts about our repairs service will still be sent from 07500 500335, this may show as +447500 4500335.

You said we did

The information you give us about our services is vital and as a result of customer feedback through complaints and surveys we have taken the following actions. We are looking into complaints in more detail, to improve learning, establish any trends and ultimately reduce the number received in future.

And because we’ve recently recruited a Service Improvement Manager, we will be able to publish these more frequently in the future.

You can find more 'you said, we did' updates on the archive page.