Ending a tenancy

You can end a tenancy with us at any time. Find out how to let us know you’re moving. Or, what to do if you’re ending a tenancy after someone has passed away.

We understand that there are lots of reasons for ending a tenancy. Maybe you’ve bought a home, want to rent privately or with a different provider. Perhaps you’re ending a tenancy for family or a friend who’s passed away.

Whatever the reason, we understand and are here to help. Here’s what to do to ensure you have a smooth end of tenancy.

Give us written notice

You can end your tenancy at any time. But you’ll need to:

  • Ensure your move out day is a Sunday.

If you have a Habitare tenancy, please fill out this form: Ending a Habitare tenancy. Your one month’s notice must end on the last day of the month.

Once you’ve given us written notice, it’s not possible to withdraw. You will need to return your keys to us as the tenancy will have to end.

We strongly advise that you seek legal advice before giving up a secure tenancy. Organisations like Citizens Advice or Shelter will be able to help.

Prepare your home for returning to us

It’s your responsibility to make sure your home is returned in its original condition. Make sure you read our End of Tenancy Property Standard. This details:

  • any items you’ll need to remove or dispose of
  • charges you may occur if you leave any items behind
  • charges you may occur for any damage to your home
  • our home inspection process.

Ending a tenancy when someone has passed away

Losing a friend or relative can be incredibly difficult. Our team is here to do everything we can to help.

If you’re making arrangements on behalf of a loved one:

  1. Let us know as soon as possible and provide us with a copy of the death certificate.
  2. From the following Monday, you’ll have four weeks to end the tenancy.
  3. Fill out our Ending a Tenancy Form and email it to us at [email protected].
  4. Ensure your loved one’s home is prepared for return by reading our End of Tenancy Property Standard.
  5. Use Tell Us Once to inform all government organisations of your loved ones’ passing

View this useful information leaflet on what to do after reporting a death.

Furniture re-use schemes

Do you have any items to get rid of? Furniture re-use schemes collect unwanted items for people on benefits and low incomes. Please see this page.